Web Positioning (SEO)

Be on the first page of google results
Optimization of your website
Redaction of unique content
Natural Reference
Position tracking
Google AdWords advertising campaigns

In the SEO area we offer basic services like organic search, On-page SEO, link building, keywords search / activity reports.

Organic search

Promotion and development of a very notorious content that with all your web necessities.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is more oriented towards the use of keywords and their frequency in the website

Link Building

The link building is the placement that is realized on the external part of the page, generally through the links made on other portals.

The reference is organized by 2 principal steps


A non-optimized site does not refer. Before working on SEO the site must be prepared. This consists of organizing the architecture of the site and optimizing the content. So it will be correctly visited and indexed by Google.


Our work:


• Defining keywords based on your activity
• Choice and management of your domain names
• Hierarchical organization of the pages of the site
• Optimization of the code (Snippet, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, META data)
• Writing unique content with keywords
• Responsive website (all devices)
• Speed of the site (compressions, redirections, loading times, CDN)


After optimizing your site, it will be present in the results for the defined keywords. It’s about to make it appear on the first page. We will work on the presence and reputation of the site.

Our work:

Manual referencing
SEO using our internal tools
Targeted Link Exchange Campaign
Development of your E-reputation on RS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn ...)
Position tracking